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Iowa Board of Nursing

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Updated Iowa Fields of Opportunity, Department of Inspections, Appeals, & Licensing

Certified Professional Midwife Application: Iowa Board of Nursing

Requirements for LicenseTo meet the requirements for licensure, an applicant must:

     1. Be 21 years of age or older;

     2. Submit evidence of a high school diploma or equivalent;

     3. Submit evidence of a current national certification from the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) or its successor organization;

     4. Submit evidence of one of the following:
         a. Completion of an educational program or pathway accredited by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC);
         b. Certification as a professional midwife (CPM) issued before July 1, 2024, issued on a basis other than an accredited educational program or pathway, and obtained a midwifery bridge certificate (MBC) from NARM or its successor organization; or
         c. Licensure to practice midwifery in another state for at least two years in a state that does not require completion of an accredited educational program or pathway, and obtained an MBC from NARM or its successor organization.

     5. Complete a criminal history check packet, which will be mailed to the applicant following submission of the application and fee.

     6. Submit a written plan for the consultation, collaboration, emergency transfer, and transport of the birthing client and newborn when necessary in accordance with Iowa Code section 148I.4(1)(g).

License ExpirationCertified professional midwives licenses are are subject to renewal every three years following issuance.  The date of expiration is the 15th of the applicant's birth month.

Application SubmissionComplete the following application, answering all of the questions, and submitting the required documentation. Please include the documentation when you submit payment for the application fees.

The applicant must report and provide detailed statement regarding any criminal convictions and out-of-state disciplinary action. 

Note: Deferred judgments, expunged convictions, sealed records, and other forms of agreed dispositions must still be reported. Applicants do not need to report most driving violations, but must report convictions such as operating while intoxicated.

The application fees due are $131. The fee may be paid by check or money order. Important: The fee is non-refundable. 

Review and ProcessingBoard staff will follow up with you via email following the review of your application to provide a status update.

Note: The application process must be completed within twelve (12) months from the date the application is initiated. After 12 months, the application will be deemed expired. If an application expired, the applicant would need to submit a new application, including payment of the fees, to be considered for licensure as a CPM in Iowa.

Required DocumentationFor an application to be considered complete, applicants must provide the following information:

  • Copy of high school diploma or equivalent.

  • Copy of a current national certification from the NARM or its successor organization.

  • Evidence of one of the following:

    • Proof of completion of an education program or pathway accredited by the MEAC; or

    • Midwifery bridge certificate from NARM or its successor organization.

  • Completed background check packet, which includes two (2) completed fingerprint cards and an accurately completed, signed and dated Waiver Information/Waiver Agreement and Privacy Act.*

*Board staff will mail a fingerprint packet to the address provided on the application. The packet will include blank fingerprint cards and a waiver, along with a set of instructions. Complete all of the fields on the fingerprint cards and waiver to avoid delays in licensing.

Changes of Name or Address

If your legal name or mailing address changes, notify the board in writing of those changes. You may report name or address changes by completing this online form, or by sending an email to

Failure to submit changes to name or contact information could result in missed communications from the board.

Personal Information

Legal Name

Mailing Address

Home Address

Date of Birth


Licensure in another State

Are you currently licensed as a certified professional midwife in another state?

If yes, in which states, districts, or territories are you licensed?

Education & Certification

Graduation from high school or equivalent?

Please select all that apply.

Are you certified by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM)?

Date of initial certification: mm/dd/yyyy

Effective date of current certification: mm/dd/yyyy

Expiration date of current certification: mm/dd/yyyy

Criminal Offense or Adverse License Information

All criminal convictions and/or disciplinary actions taken by another licensing authority must be reported to the Iowa Board of Nursing within 30 days of the resolution pursuant to 655 IAC 4.6(3)”d” and “e”.

Have you ever been convicted of, or entered a plea of guilty, nolo contendere, Alford pleas, or no contest to a crime other than a minor traffic offense, in any jurisdiction? Driving while under the influence or driving while impaired must be reported. You must include all misdemeanors and felonies, even if judgment of conviction or sentence was deferred or expunged so that you would not have a record of conviction.

If yes, have you reported all criminal actions to the Iowa Board of Nursing?

I understand that failure to report all criminal history may result in disciplinary action. By checking "Yes" below you confirm that you understand and agree to submit all available supporting documentation.

Has your license to practice as a certified professional midwife, or any health care profession, ever been denied or disciplined (surrendered, suspended, probation, etc.) in any way in this state or any other state(s)?

If yes, have you reported all of these actions to the Iowa Board of Nursing?

I understand that failure to report all adverse actions against a license may result in disciplinary action. By checking "Yes" below you confirm that you understand and agree to submit all available supporting documentation.

Additional Information & Questions

Mandatory Reporter Training

In 2001, the legislature passed a law mandating that licensing boards require a person who regularly examines, attends, counsels or treats dependent adults or children in Iowa to complete training relating to the identification and reporting of abuse every three years.

The course shall be a curriculum approved by the Iowa Department of Health & Human Services and accurately document compliance with training requirements on abuse education and/or dependent adult abuse, within six months of licensure, and every three years thereafter.

Have you completed mandatory reporter training within the previous three (3) years?

I completed mandatory reporter training on:

Fee WaiverYou may be eligible to receive a fee waiver of your initial license application if your household income does not exceed 200% of the federal poverty guideline.

Effective January 1, 2021, individuals whose household adjusted gross income does not exceed 200% of the annual federal poverty level guideline may request a waiver for application fees.

  • Fees include license application and criminal background check fees. 

  • Fees do not include exam fees paid to testing centers. 

  • Fee waiver applies only to first time license applicants in the state.

  • Re-exams, renewals and reactivations do not qualify.

Note: If you request a fee waiver, you will be asked to provide a copy of your most recent federal tax return as evidence of qualification for the waiver.

I would like to apply for the fee waiver and will supply the most recent tax documentation of my adjusted gross income along with the required licensing documentation.

Attestation of Applicant

With my signature, I certify that this complete application and all submitted materials contain no willful misrepresentation and that the information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that should an investigation at any time disclose otherwise, my application may be rejected, and I may face legal sanctions if I am already licensed.

I also understand that, in compliance with Iowa Code Chapter 22, information on this application will be public record and may be available to the public upon request, except for applicable laws.

Finally, I understand that in submitting this application for licensure, I am consenting to any reasonable inquiry that may be necessary to verify the information I have provided on this form or may provide in conjunction with my application.

Application FeesThe application fees due are $131. The total includes the application fee of $81 and the background check fee of $50. Application fees may be paid by personal check or money order.

In the memo, please include the name of the applicant to ensure that the fees are applied to the correct application.

Required DocumentationTo complete your application, forward evidence of your education program or pathway, certification(s), evidence of licensure in another state if applicable, and written plan for consultation, collaboration, emergency transfer and transport. You may forward copies of the documents with your application fees, or by email.

Note: The application will not be processed until the application fees and all documentation is received.

Iowa Dept. of Inspections, Appeals, & Licensing
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