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Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division

1918 SE Hulsizer Road Ankeny, IA 50021

1-866-IowaABD (469-2223)

State of Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division


If you wish to submit a complaint for review by the Regulatory Compliance Bureau, please complete the following information. 

Restaurants and bars are, by order of the governor, required to adhere to social distancing protocols to remain open.

Restaurants, bars, and other establishments are not required to enforce mask usage for customers or staff, though it is strongly encouraged. Please do not report an establishment for not requiring mask use.

If you have have a question or comment, please use the contact form available on our website.

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Please note: Your name and personal information will remain confidential.

You may remain anonymous, but a contact phone number or email address is suggested in the event that the ABD needs further information to conduct an investigation.

Please upload supporting photo or video evidence of the violation(s). The images should be time-stamped or encoded.

Before submitting please verify all files have finished uploading.

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