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State of Iowa

200 E Walnut, Des Moines , IA, 50309, US


2020 Open Enrollment Period Request for Comparison

I understand by completing this form and submitting my information to the SHIIP-SMP Program my information will be kept confidential. I also give the SHIIP-SMP Staff and Counselor permission to contact me about the comparison.

You have selected No - you do not give SHIIP-SMP permission to complete a comparison for you.  Please exit this form.  Thank you for your interest in the SHIIP-SMP Program.


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Is your income above the following amounts? Individual--$19,380/yr ($1,615/mo) or Couple--$26,100/yr ($2,175/mo)

Are your assets above the following amounts: Individual--$14,610 or Couple--$29,160?

Are you on Medicare due to a disability (under age 65)?

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List your prescriptions drugs so that a comparison can be completed.  Please be sure to include dosage, frequency and generic or brand in the appropriate area. For any inhalers or injections please also provide package size (i.e. 1 inhaler, 6 pens per package, etc.)

Once you have entered all your drugs please click submit and your information will be submitted via a secure document to SHIIP.

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